1. Graduate Students: 0-1 per year

We usually do not accept graduate students pursuing a master's degree;
Graduate students are expected to be highly motivated, self-disciplined and work independently;
We are very careful and selective on accepting graduate students (including rotation students);
If truly interested, please contact and discuss with Zhuo (zdu@genetics.ac.cn) before apply.

2. Research Assistant/Associate Professor (Regular Employee): 1

Functional Genomics/Computational Biology/Systems Biology


(1) Two or more years of postdoctoral training, foreign experience is not necessary but a plus
(2) Proficient in programming and computational analysis of biological data;
(3) Extensive knowledge in biology;
(4) With expertise in ANY of the following topics:
  • Functional genomics of gene expression;
  • Network biology;
  • Data mining, mathematical modeling and integration
(5) With FIRST author publication in decent journals in the fields of genomics, bioinformatic and systems biology


Salary and benefit will be in accordance with the title and commensurate with experience and performance
Download application form:

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